Chinese cuisines

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name :-尼康司. Chinese cuisines. Student id :- 20196019095.

Scene 2 (30s)

China’s Eight cuisines. Anhui (Hui). Cantonese (Yu).

Scene 3 (1m 2s)

Sichuan Cuisine. English Names: Sichuan cuisine, Szechuan cuisine, Chuan cuisine Popular in: Sichuan Province, Chongqing Flavors: hot and spicy, numb, sour and spicy, fish flavor.

Scene 4 (1m 39s)

Features of Sichuan food. Most Sichuan cuisine dishes are hot and spicy. The two deep flavors are from the abundant using of seasonings including hot pepper, hot peppercorn, Sichuan pepper, prickly ashes, broad bean chili paste, ginger and garlic, which are all pungent, spicy and hot..

Scene 5 (3m 21s)

Kung Pao Chicken (宫保鸡丁) :- The main ingredients are chicken breast and chili, and the chopped green onion and peanuts are also added. The cooking method applied is flash-frying..

Scene 6 (3m 52s)

Cantonese Cuisine. Chinese Name: 粤菜 yuè cài English Names: Cantonese cuisine, Yue cuisine, Guangdong cuisine Popular in: Guangdong, Hong Kong, Macau and overseas countries Flavors: mild, fresh, natural, and sweet.

Scene 7 (4m 19s)

Features of Cantonese Dishes. Cantonese chefs pay attention to the quality and natural taste of food materials. Most Cantonese food tastes fresh, natural, and mild. In order to show the original flavor of the main ingredient, Cantonese chefs are very cautious about seasonings. The seasonings are to bring out or highlight the original taste of the ingredient..

Scene 8 (6m 30s)

Famous Cantonese Dishes. White Cut Chicken(白切鸡) :- The chicken is boiled in water over low heat without seasonings. It is eaten with dipping sauce made of salt, sugar, ginger, sesame oil, and cooking wine. The chicken tastes tender, smooth and slightly sweet..

Scene 9 (7m 3s)

Hunan Cuisine. Chinese Name: 湘菜 xiāng cài English Names: Hunan cuisine, Xiang cuisine Popular in: Hunan Province Flavors: spicy, hot and spicy, sour and spicy, salty and spicy.

Scene 10 (7m 34s)

Features of Hunan Cuisine. Hunan people love chili very much, and most Hunan cuisine recipes include chili, either dried one of fresh one. They also invent a great variety of methods to cook chili with different flavors. For example, sour and spicy taste by fermenting chili in pickle jars; numb and spicy taste by cooking chili with Sichuan pepper and garlic..

Scene 11 (9m 5s)

Famous Hunan Dishes. Steamed Preserved Meat(腊味合蒸) :- Cured pork, cured chicken, cured fish or other preserved meat are steamed with chicken soup. The method is very simple, the taste is rich, flavorful and salty, and the food is easy to digest..

Scene 12 (9m 39s)

Shandong Cuisine. Shandong euüine - Umami, Salty, Sweet and Sour Sweet and Sour Carp Cuttlefish Soup Diced Pork in Pot 3 Braised Intestines in Brown Sauce Beijing CHINA Shandong & South Liaoning Braised Prawns in Oil Steamed Stuffed Tofu Dezhou Braised Chicken.

Scene 13 (10m 23s)

Features of Shandong Cuisine. Soup is the secret seasoning of Lu cuisine. Two types of soup, clear soup and milk white soup, are always applied in cooking..

Scene 14 (12m 41s)

Famous Shandong Dishes. Sweet and Sour Carp(糖醋鲤鱼) :- Sweet and sour carp is bright red and tastes sweet, sour and crispy outside..

Scene 15 (13m 13s)

Jiangsu Cuisine. China fangu euüine - Umami, Mild, Original Sweet and Sour Mandarin Fish Nanjing Salted Duck Pine Nuts with Sweet Corn Boiled Shredded Dry Bean Curd CHINA Braised Meat Balls in Brown Sauce Beijing Jiangsu Stewed Tortoise and Chicken Beggar's Chicken Yangzhou Fried Rice.

Scene 16 (13m 52s)

Features of Jiangsu Cuisine. A wide variety of seafood are eaten..

Scene 17 (15m 40s)

Famous Jiangsu Dishes. Braised Meat Balls in Brown Sauce(红烧狮子头) :-It is also known as Four-Joy Chinese Meatballs or Lion’s Head Meat Balls. This Jiangsu cuisine recipe is to mix fat and thin meat with glutinous mushrooms and other materials to make the meat balls, fried and then braised..

Scene 18 (16m 16s)

Zhejiang Cuisine. - Light, Fresh, Original Flavor of Ingredients Fried Shrimps with Longjing Tea West Lake Fish in Vinegar Gravy Deep-Fried Beancurd Rolls Stuffed with Minced Tenderloin Sliced Lotus Root with Sweet Sauce CHINA Beijing Zhejiang Dongpo Pork Braised Bamboo West Lake Beef Soup Beggars Chicken.

Scene 19 (16m 44s)

Features of Zhejiang Cuisine. The ingredients of Zhejiang cuisine are fresh and in season, which are selected strictly..

Scene 20 (18m 31s)

Famous Zhejiang Dishes. Dongpo Pork(东坡肉) :- Dongpo Pork is braised with Shaoxing wine, soft and oily but not greasy. It was named after its inventor, the famous poet Su Shi, also called Su Dongpo..

Scene 21 (19m 3s)

Fujian Cuisine. - light, fresh, and healthy Boiled Sea Clam with Chicken Soup Buddha Jumps over the Wall Shrimps with Salt Drunken Ribs CHINA Beijing Fujian Sweet and Sour Litchis Sliced Whelk with in Red Vinaße Fuzhou Fish Balls Oyster Omelette.

Scene 22 (19m 48s)

Features of Fujian Cuisine. Ingredients – Woodland Delicacies and Seafood.

Scene 23 (21m 47s)

Famous Fujian Dishes. Boiled Sea Clam with Chicken Soup(鸡汤汆海蚌) :-This dish is a representative Fujian food, which tastes a little salty, while beef and pork tenderloin can also be added..

Scene 24 (22m 18s)

Anhui Cuisine. - salty, light, dietetic nourishing Steamed Partridge Stinky Mandarin Fish Fuliji Roast Chicken CHINA Beijing Anhui Stewed Bamboo Shoots of Wenzheng Mountain Stewed Soft-Shelled Turtle with Ham Huangshan Stewed Pigeon Li Hongzhang Chop Suey.

Scene 25 (22m 55s)

Features of Anhui Cuisine. Most Anhui cuisine dishes are cooked with more oil than the dishes of other cuisines and the color is appealing..

Scene 26 (24m 26s)

Famous Anhui Dishes. Stinky Mandarin Fish(臭鳜鱼) :- It is one of the most famous Anhui cuisine dishes. It may smell stinky, but it tastes great with tender fish meat separated from fish bones..

Scene 27 (24m 57s)

My favorite food in India. Dishes in two plates is known as Chaat. It is an wide range of roadside foods that usually feature some kind of fried dough with various ingredients that typically create a spicy, tangy, or salty flavor, though some chaat are sweet..

Scene 28 (25m 45s)

My favorite food in India. Pakora is a spiced fritter It consists of items, often vegetables such as potatoes and onions, coated in seasoned gram flour batter and deep fried..

Scene 29 (26m 14s)

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