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History of Abacus

Abacus is an ancient calculating device invented more than 4000 years ago somewhere in the eastern countries. There is very little information on it’s inventor and the exact time period of it’s invention. Abacus is a calculating device which was widely used in the eastern countries in the ancient times. This instrument has various forms. It basically consists of beads and rods. The beads are assigned specific numerical values whereas the rods are assigned place values that are the same as the place values we use in our modern numerical system i.e. units, tens, hundreds and so on. This helps in representing numbers on the instrument and also helps in performing complex arithmetic calculations.

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Abacus for Whole Brain Development


Creative Brain

Analytical Brain

Human Brain has got 2 parts - Right and Left.The Right Brain is also called the Creative Brain. It deals with the information that is in the form of pictures and it controls the left side of our body.The Left brain is also called as the Analytical brain. It deals with the information which is in the form of numbers or words and it controls right side of our body. Out of the 2 brains, the right brain is much more powerful than the left brain.

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What is the name of your Hindi Teacher?

Shirke Madam

When you try to answer this question you will see picture of your school/classroom/teacher and so on and after a fraction of second you will recollect the name of the person. Both your brains had the answer of the above question. Right brain had the answer in the picture form and left brain in the form of name. Which brain gave you the answer first? It was Right Brain.

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It proves that Right Brain is much more powerful and stronger than left brain. When we start educating kids we start with right brain. Have you seen the classrooms/books of Jr. Kg. students? They are full of pictures and images. As these kids move up the ladder i.e. 8th/9th standard and so on you will observe pictures are replaced by the information in words and numbers. What does this mean? We start education with more feeding given to Right Brain and we end up feeding only left brain.

when i say i am right handed, i am using right side of my body more than my left side. Right side of the body is controlled by left brain which results in more activation of left brain cells as compared to right brain Thus creating an imbalance..

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In the A bacus Course each number is understood by left brain and is represented on Abacus Instrument and a picture of that number is formed which is understood and stored by the right brain which results in simultaneous use of Right and Left Brain. Secondly, while working on abacus the child is expected to work specific fingers of both the hands for pushing the beads which helps in activating brain cells of both the brains. This in turn helps in reducing the imbalance which is being created. .

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Memory Retention Memory Recall

Concentration Listening Skills

Visualisation Skills Writing Skills

Skill Development Programme.

Advantages of Abacus

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Taiwan International Competition 2019

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Taiwan International Competition 2019

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Video from Sanjay Kalamkar

Video from Sanjay Kalamkar

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Good luck!

The most important requirement of this course is "15 Minutes Practice Everyday". There are no shortcuts to success. Only Consistent Efforts produce results in long term. I know you will agree on this.