Advanced Project and Logistics Management

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Scene 1 (0s)

Advanced Project and Logistics Management. A Chain Reaction.

Scene 2 (12s)

Group Assignment Team no: 27. Manu Thomas Kunnumpuram @00658110 Haider Anas Kallivalappil @00654494 Nivin Varghese @00655876 Athul Baby @00661457 Jexeena Robin @00658568 Rakhi Ramdas @00645036.

Scene 3 (26s)

This slide includes the planned investigation summary Problem statement Relevant related theories Schedule of the planned investigation And estimated risks.

Scene 4 (44s)

A heavy supply chain disruption occurred during the Covid-19 pandemic period The hospitality & automobile manufacturing sectors were mainly affected The current project aims to sketch the required elements & features for an efficient automobile manufacturing supply chain Suitable SCM frameworks will be offered for mitigating the supply chain disruptions & vulnerable points in the automobile manufacturing sector ..

Scene 5 (1m 25s)

Automobile manufacturing supply chain includes manufacturing & distribution activities of raw materials & automobile products Products such as vehicles, spare parts, and other automobile tools A great drop in automotive production growth occurred in global manufacturing economies (2019 4 th quarter -2021 1 st quarter) Subsequent supply chain disruption is witnessed globally.

Scene 6 (2m 28s)

Volkswagen is one of the leading automobile manufacturer, which had to reduce around 17% production during Covid-19 (greater than its competitors). Employee shortage & automotive semiconductor unavailability forced the manufacturer to stop production Lockdown norms increased vulnerabilities in the supply chain The project intends to sort out a resolution for easing supply chain disruption.

Scene 7 (3m 12s)

Aim & Objectives. Aim Intends to reinforce the resilience of the automobile manufacturing supply chain.

Scene 8 (3m 59s)

4 Rs supply chain framework. Relevant theories. Responsive -ness Resilience Reliability Relation -ships.

Scene 9 (5m 21s)

Bull whip effect supply chain framework. Relevant theories.

Scene 10 (5m 59s)

Timeline 30 Jul- 4 Aug 2022 5-11 August 12-20 August 21-26 August 26-30 August Task Development of video presentation Video presentation submission Project designing Tasks allocation Supply chain application Discussion on development and improvement Suggestions Concluding Filing.

Scene 11 (6m 16s)

Extreme risk High risk Moderate risk Low risk. Possible risks.

Scene 12 (6m 46s)

The slides included with a brief of the estimated investigation plan problem statement & relevant theories are mentioned Work schedule & risk register are displayed.

Scene 13 (7m 4s)

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Scene 14 (7m 59s)

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