The Gears

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The Gears

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A bout group work



Function of each team member


Scene 3 (16s)

We used Trello Trello is a universal tool for conducting work and personal projects. It allows you to track the completion of each task, coordinate the work of several people, keep track of deadlines and store all the necessary information in one place.

NotificatiorB Current Blue Sky Broadc... Bozds 055 Next up 27 Org Visible In Progress Confirm Internet Explorer support Set up Splunk for logging Add a card... Code Review Use account slug instead of ID Add a card... 2 Testing on Staging 1 Move Heroku account to monitor@blueskybroadca plo Account Admin creates a course User views courses Account Admin creates Link Admin creates a Test Admin creates Presentation Account Admin adds course items to a course Add a card... Ready for Production Add a card... User navigates from account Library to a course item in a course. Add a card... Live (Week of Feb 18) As a Blue Sky admin, I create an account for a client Admin creates categor• for account Guest views account library '2 01 Add a card...

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Scrum is one of the most popular software development "methodologies". According to the definition, Scrum is a development framework that people can use to solve emerging problems, while being productive and producing products of the highest importance

The basis of Scrum is Sprint, during which work on the product is performed. At the end of Sprint, a new working version of the product should be received. Sprint is always limited in time and has the same duration throughout the life of the product.

Scene 5 (1m 23s)

VS Code

We used vs code for frontend and backend. We added php and laravel to Vs code. We wrote HTML, CSS, JS, PHP code there.

code debugger built-in terminal convenient tools for working with Git syntax backup for a variety of popular languages and file formats convenient navigation smart filling built-in package manager

Scene 6 (1m 43s)


We used the excellent figma program to make our website design look very good. Figma has two key features: access to the layout directly from the window and the ability to collaborate on documents. The Figma team took into account such problems and created a product that allows multiple designers to work on a project at the same time. , supports versioning and provides many other features. They make life easier for both the designer and the developer. All files are stored in the Figma cloud. No need to remember where your layouts are, download and after making changes, upload them back. Changes in Figma are saved automatically.

Scene 7 (2m 17s)

As a PM of the gather, I was capable for arranging, organizing whereas guaranteeing this extend on time. I have barely attempted to be amazing extend supervisor. I set the due dates, break the assignment into subtasks and requested them from our dedicated designers. I think everybody contributed to our venture. It was curiously cooperation I have ever went through :)

Nazerke Kulan

Scene 8 (2m 39s)

Bakdaulet Batyrkhan

Since of need of time numerous things went off-base. Being the back-end designer isn't as it were approximately coding. We have looked a part of substance and did numerous things, but since of our missing involvement we have not done the entire back portion. It was not simple at all, as we thought.This week I wrapped up the backend side of the site, settled the server side with sql and attempted to make a user-friendly, high-quality location. Making an internet store location isn't simple. It was an awfully troublesome extend for me)). Since my to begin with extend, I made a part of botches they at that point ended up tests.

Scene 9 (3m 15s)

Zhadyra Seilkhanova

As a back-end developers our objective is put the soul to everything that make the front-end engineers, that's what we were assumed to do. Like incredible coders said, not as it were front portion of site tend to be captivating, but too back portion ought to be lovely. We have attempted to do so.

Scene 10 (3m 35s)

Sagadilda Yerkin

The design of the project was completed, and I was in close contact with the developers this week to change some parts and provide some information about the design. I did some research on the project and noted the differences. We also decided on colors, number of pages, and button functions. Now we have designed the UI and UX. Then we added pictures. We designed in Figma. It is convenient for our developers to work there. This week I added all the tasks to Trello to make my work more efficient.

Scene 11 (4m 5s)

Dina Kengesbay

This week we have totally wrapped up coding the rest of the website’s front-end. We have worked difficult together to attain our objective. Analyzed each step, rectified our botches and picked up involvement. I made the body parts of the location pages as arranged. I've wrapped up coding the domestic page in html and css. Site homepage plan is fundamental to a site’s victory.

Scene 12 (4m 28s)

Ayaulym Akkulova

We wrapped up our venture this week. Adjusted all comments within the location interface, adjusted some points. It was an awfully curiously encounter and the collaboration was fun.

Scene 13 (4m 42s)

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