Class 8C Morning Assembly

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Class 8C Morning Assembly.

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A Guru Mantra is one that a guru gives to a disciple, who then chants the mantra for his/her spiritual growth. Derived from Sanskrit, gu means “darkness”; ru means “remover”; man means “to think”; and tra means “liberate.” The guru, therefore, is a remover of darkness, and the mantra is a means to liberation..

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Gurudev,born in Southern India,was a gifted child. By the age of four, he was able to recite the Bhagavad Gita. In 1982, Gurudev entered a ten-day period of silence in Shimoga located in the Indian state of Karnataka.

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Guruji explains further that education is a vehicle for transformation or metamorphosis of the self and an aid to the growth of the economy, Several echoes of Gurudev’s implemented philosophy are found in the National Education Policy of India ..

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To name a few: the emphasis on human values as a critical foundation of education a shift from ‘what to learn’ to ‘how to learn’ recognizing the uniqueness of each child respect for diversity, equity, and inclusion.

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ensuring universal access to education focus on critical thinking emphasis on the physical & mental well-being of the child.

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Guruji believes that Basic human values need to be encouraged in the classroom. What are these human values? Compassion, co-operation, friendliness, smiles, laughter, lightness, wanting to help, a sense of belonging, and caring for each other As students of Sri Sri Academy we understand the importance of education and our responsibilities.

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The most important being our first duty; learning. Learning is paramount to being meaningfully involved in school..

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We must Learn what we are being taught, and most importantly, find ways to apply that learning outside the school environment..

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We pledge today to do our best, In reading, math, and all the rest. We promise to obey the rules, In Our class and in our school. We’ll respect ourselves and others too, We'll expect the best in all we do..

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We are here to learn all we can, To try our best and be all we can. We pledge to ourselves on this very day, To try to be kind in every way. To every person, big or small, we will help them if they fall. When we love ourselves, and others too , That is the best that we can do..

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