Sociology is against Common sense: Andre Beteille

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Scene 1 (0s)

Sociology is against Common sense: Andre Beteille.

Scene 2 (5m 0s)

What is sociological knowledge?. M N Srinivas “Book View” vs. “Field View”.

Scene 3 (9m 13s)

Sociology is…. Anti-utopian as well as anti-fatalistic General and not localized Sociology does not dictate moral choices but lays out the alternatives available.

Scene 4 (12m 30s)

Individual and Society: we live in society and society lives in us.

Scene 5 (17m 30s)

Linking the personal with the larger processes. The Ritual of Coffee: Personal routine Organizational routine Way of socializing.

Scene 6 (20m 21s)

Coffee has a social life!. Grown in underdeveloped countries and consumed in developed ones Coffee consumption is tied with the history of colonization (South America and Africa) Coffee occupies a place in the contemporary debates on Globalization, international trade, human rights and environmental degradation Consumer activism: Organic, eco-labelled or fair-trade product.

Scene 7 (25m 21s)

Sociological understanding. Peter Berger: An Invitation to Sociology Andre Beteille: Sociology and Common-sense Anthony Giddens: Sociology (The section on coffee in Chapter 1).