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Creates, manufacturer and trades intelligence machinery of agro farming. registered on 21st July 2015 plays a vital role in the growth of agro farming produces Crop and Soil Monitoring, Plantix App and others goals of the firm are mainly focused on profits, healthy environment and fulfilling customer desires or satisfaction mission of the firm is to unbolt the possible of nature to enhance the quality of life.

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Background of the study

mainly focused on the innovation of machinery or devices in agriculture industry aim to develop this system from the basement till the final consumer used as a thermostat, molecular detector, spoilage detector, humidity detector, and geo-locator.

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Objectives of the study

1 .) To enhance the efficiency in Agri -Food Supply Chain. 2 .) To ensure the quality of an Agri -Food product. 3 .) To diminished the wastage of the resources in Agri -Food Industry. 4 .) To prevent the foodborne illness.

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getting the data or information itself in a large amount at a particular time used for tracking and monitoring the activities