Gray Blue and Black Digitalism Group Petty Debate Game Fun Presentation

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Scene 1 (0s)

MALEFICENT. Movie Review. S e a r c h.

Scene 2 (21s)

Nur Afiqah. Roqib Nuriman. Group Members.

Scene 3 (40s)

Muhammad Putra Haniff. Muhammad Aiman Hakeem. Nur Athirah.

Scene 4 (1m 9s)

I will not ask your forgiveness because what I have done to you is unforgivable.

Scene 5 (1m 17s)

A r e y o u r e a d y t o p l a y ?. Maleficent Official Trailer.

Scene 6 (2m 43s)

Synopsis. abstract. abstract. abstract. abstract.

Scene 7 (3m 54s)

. LIO€k THE—. Robert Stromberg. Brenton Thwaites.

Scene 8 (8m 54s)

Stefan betrayed Maleficent because of his greed..

Scene 9 (10m 6s)

Maleficent got her wings back .. Moors got their peaceful again with Maleficent..

Scene 10 (13m 53s)

Creative Elements. Actors use dialogs as their main way to interact..

Scene 11 (16m 14s)

R o u n d 4. cfsssdsa. Agree Achieve significant success Beautiful soundtrack Actors present each character perfectly Disagree The scriptwriter don’t use a bombastic dialog for few characters Prince Philip and Aurora’s mother look useless in this movie.

Scene 12 (18m 52s)

Don’t judge a book by it’s cover Trust Forgiveness Be Rational Be Lovely.

Scene 13 (23m 52s)

Save Cancel. Conclusion. S e a r c h. Different people, different struggle they face Importance of forgiveness Beauty of friendship.

Scene 14 (24m 14s)

Thank you!.