2C Girls 2020-2021

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Scene 1 (0s)

2 C Girls 2020-2021

Mrs. Amal El Araby

Scene 2 (16s)

AOOHOS ox Nova

1 st Day of school

Scene 3 (30s)

Orientation Week

Scene 4 (50s)

Orientation Week

Scene 5 (1m 10s)

Orientation Week

Scene 6 (1m 27s)

Orientation Week

Scene 7 (1m 45s)

1 st Day activities

Scene 8 (2m 8s)

Let’s meet our young artists

Scene 11 (3m 4s)

Great Work! Date Signed

We build the best presenters and the future leaders

Scene 12 (3m 33s)

Spirit week Crazy Hats, Crazy moments together

Scene 13 (3m 53s)

Spirit week

Sharing happy moments, building memories together

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Scene 14 (4m 14s)

Thank you Notes to Teachers

Scene 15 (4m 29s)

Online Zoom Sessions

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Scene 16 (4m 49s)

#2. Read-and-match; 2- We should 3— A stops at 4— A fewy travels 5— went to the 6— A taxi stops at 7— My dad hates high way the

Online Zoom Sessions

Scene 17 (5m 17s)

Reading Zoom Sessions


The title of the story you will read The Ant Dove", What do you think the story is about? U Where do you think the story takes place?

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Scene 18 (5m 38s)

Our 0nline English Projects Improving the students’ presentation Skills is one of our goals.

Scene 19 (6m 3s)

Our online final evaluations

Scene 20 (6m 28s)

Notes from teachers to our beloved students

To my lovely students , It's the last day of school, the closing of one door but the opening of another . I want to thank each one of you for all the warmth, the memories and the learning that we have shared this school year . Always strive to the best that you can be . It was a pleasure having you all in my class. You'll be really missed 2cg. Mrs . Amal El Araby

All the best my students, Dears: my true success is to seeing you in a better position. Hope to see you successful people in your life. That will be the best gift for me. So work hard and achieve your goals. I love you all 2CG. Mrs . Mai Atef

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Scene 21 (7m 34s)

Notes from teachers to our beloved students

بناتي الاعزاء اتمني ان اكون استطعت ان اسعدكم واكون سبب في حبكم للموسيقي التي استمتعنا بها سويا في الفصل او في حصص الزووم. هتوحشوني كلكم. Mr. Ramy Hassan


By the end of year, I wish you a successful life. May God grant you all the happiness, success and joy in your coming days. Mrs. Rasha

Scene 22 (8m 15s)

To my lovely girls in class 2CG, My wish for you is that you see the light in this world, i n yourself and in others. I see the light in you. Be proud of your own accomplishments, I’m really proud of you. Believe in yourself. I believe in you. You are unique and special. I appreciate all of you. Be a good partner, a good friend, a good soul who is honest and responsible. Happiness will find you. With my sincere love and care: You’ll be really missed. Mrs. Amal El A raby

1- Amina Mohamed 2- Talia Ahmed 3- Jaidaa Youssef 4- Habiba Mahmoud 5- Rofaida Mohamed 6- Rinada Ahmed 7- Sarah Ahmed 8- Sara Mohamed 9- Salma Ahmed 10- Farida Ahmed 11- Farida Mohamed 12- Lamar Abdallah 13- Layan Mohamed 14- Laila Essam 15- Lina Sherif 16- Maya Mahmoud 17- Malak Ahmed 18- Hana Ahmed 19- Hana Amr