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Scene 1 (0s)

Transforming waste into Opportunities. Oscar Vasco.

Scene 2 (12s)

931 millions tons of food waste in 2019. 61% domestic.

Scene 3 (27s)

1 m 3 Anaerobic Digester. to treat organic waste.

Scene 4 (35s)

Biogas. For cooking. Waste. Biofertilizer. Proceso Biomuu.

Scene 5 (50s)

Easy to use. Low cost. Higher yield. Manual stirrer system.

Scene 6 (1m 15s)

We have approached 4.4 tons of waste producing biogas and biofertilizer*.

Scene 7 (1m 32s)

Oscar Vasco. Engineer - Inventor Entrepreneur Contact: +57 300780 6147

Scene 8 (1m 46s)

Reinvent yourself using. Thank You!.