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Senior Managers Meeting – Corporate Services

Anthony B 19 Nov 2020

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Debtors Age Analysis

Days Customer Name Current 31 to 60 61 to 90 91 to 120 Over 120 Total MK Travel Agency and Tours 33 060 33 060 Stellenbosch 360 NPC 25 421 25 421 Department of Trade and Industry 1 000 000 1 000 000 Total 1 058 481 1 058 481

We have proposed to the Audit Committee to write off R58 481. We are ion with DTI regarding the R1 million short payment. Wegro received R25 425 760 early December last year. My team is submitting the required documents to DEDAT for the final tranche payment of R27 425 760, we are expecting this payment by end of February this year.

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General Updated HR audit, is planned for Monday the 23rd November 2020. We submitted Mid year Financial Statements to Provincial Treasury. Budget Overview – Ask to Senior Management Budget Reprioritisation. Identify Savings from your programme budget to cover for the shortfall and new priorities. Freeze on filling in vacant positions.