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group of employees collaborating. Obeikan Studio Department Process.

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VALUE of PRODUCT DESIGN TEAM. Stop Outsourcing Teams Decrease the cost per project Ability to change & to achieve market fit Arabic Team that able to communicate and meet our cultures Enhance UI/UX Of Our Products Enhance existed projects Fit the Stakeholder needs Think of new products that are rising in the Market Continuous Products Enhancement New Features Keep our projects up to dates.

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Product Documents and Approvals. Set Set Meeting with Stakeholders: Get business requirements then Create BRD or PRD Keep Keep Developing on the Product: Listen for all comments that come after MVP is Done so we can improve to get the most optimum final product and keep following up with the Sales team to know more about market feedback Get Get Confirmation From Buss. Team Getting confirmation about BRD and PRD to prevent wasted efforts on the factors that do not affect and agree about the MVP Create Create Wireframing & Create User Personas as per Marketing Dep preferences for customers segmentation , design of wireframing , and get approval from the Business Team Create Create UI and interactive Prototype: After approval from the Buss. team, then we work on UI & Interactive prototype to deliver the 1st view of the product and then get approval on UI and Get Approval from Buss. Team. Deliver Deliver designs to the Dev. Team: Start work with Dev. Team step by step to ensure the deliverables and the product understand at the same level by all team members.

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PRODUCT DESIGN PROCESS & DESIGN THINKING. A picture containing text, iPod Description automatically generated.

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OUR TEAM. Department Hierarchy. binoculars icon. binoculars icon.

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Thank you. Obeikan Digital Solutions Obeikan Studio.