Safe Painting Service (SPS)

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A project on Safe Painting Service (SPS). Service Excellence Customer Delight Customer Profiling.

Scene 2 (8s)

Safe Painting Service. Professional painting service Technical Assistance Safety Protocols Supervision Solution for all painting services..

Scene 3 (17s)

Safe Painting Service in Kerala. Total 167 stores in Kerala. Easy Prime Dealers 135 stores. Colour Idea Stores 32 stores. In Thrissur and Palakkad 9 Color Idea stores and 16 EzyColor store..

Scene 4 (30s)

Competitor Pricing. Safe Painting Service Berger Express Painting Traditional Painting 1,20,000 Approx Classic site 1,00,000 Approx 80,000 to 1,00,000 Approx.

Scene 5 (42s)

Service Excellence. Digital Quotation Site Health Card Wood Solution Service Card Feedback.

Scene 6 (51s)

Customer Delight. A loyal cust o m er p romo t es t h e serv i ce t o others o u t o f t h e respondents majority will refer the service to others..

Scene 7 (1m 1s)

Customer Profiling. Factors Categories Per Cent Age 20 to 35 years 42 % Employment Salaried and Professional 50% Painted Renovation work 58% Type of residence House 75% Reason for Painting Renovation 58% Interval for painting Above 4 years 92% Source of information Company Website and Family 58% Prefer Wallpapers Maybe and not interested 74%.

Scene 8 (1m 18s)

Sug g estions. The hoardings of Safe Painting Service is not in dealer shop besides there’s only EzyColour hoardings. Ensure the customers are contacted after 4 years reminding them about a repainting..

Scene 9 (1m 39s)

The c o m p a ny c an gi v e fe eds and upda t es h ow to p ro t ect their walls and tiles on a regular basis (monthly a feed how to protect the walls and tiles). There should be a push for the wallpapers and textures at least one side of the house..

Scene 10 (1m 55s)

Thank You.