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Scene 1 (0s)

Fifth Class


Scene 2 (6s)

Appearances Vocabulary Physical appearance HAIR fair short straight HEAD/FACE _ LIPS thin full row long, wavy ear ch eek mouth neck tongue dark curly eye nose mustache teeth beard chin

Scene 3 (13s)

Appearances WEIGHT. thin HEIGHT _ short slim of medium height chubby tall well-built

Scene 4 (20s)

Appearances Grammar Have AFFIRMATIVE a) Read the table. l/You/We/They have blue eyes. He/She/lt has blue eyes. QUESTIONS Do l/you/we/they have long hair? Does he/she/it have long hair? NEGATIVE l/You/We/They don't have green eyes. He/She/lt doesn't have green eyes. SHORT ANSWERS Yes, l/you/we/they do. No, l/you/we/they don't. Yes, he/she/it does. No, he/she/it doesn't. We use have/has to express possession. I have blue eyes. My friend has long hair.

Scene 6 (58s)

EL USO DE LOS VERBOS AUXILIARES DO- DOES DO HE SHE DOES you WE THEY Los auxiliares "Do" "DOES" se utilizan cuando creas una una oraci6n en negativo o en pregunta.

Scene 9 (1m 20s)

Appearances -1 2 b) Look at the pictures and complete the 1 2 3 4 5 6 sentences with: have don't have Betty doesn't have blue eyes. has She Sam doesn't have ) t has dark hair. He Lyn and Betty don't have ) curly hair. has straight hair. Betty Mark doesn't have) dark hair. Mark and Sam don't have ) short hair. fair hair.

Scene 10 (1m 37s)

c) Fill in: do Appearances does Does Betty have long, straight hair? 1 Yes, she does. 2 3 4 5 6 DO Does Does Does Do Sam and Mark have beards? Mark have long hair? Sam have wavy hair? Sam have a mustache? Lyn and Sam have full lips?