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Scene 1 (0s)


Unit 2:

Scene 2 (7s)

My most embarrassing experience happened a few years ago . when I was a grade 9 student. In those days, my biggest dream was a red hat - a floppy cotton hat like the one my pop star idol wore in her video clip. I thought I would look great in it. My father knew this, so on my birthday, he gave me some money so that I could buy the hat for myself. I was extremely excited and decided to go to the shop at once. I got on the bus and sat down next to a schoolboy about my age. The boy glanced at me and turned away. There was a sneaky look on his face, but I didn't think much about it. I was busy imagining how I would look in the hat.

After a while, I turned round and noticed that the boy’s schoolbag was open. Inside it, I saw a wad of dollar notes exactly like the ones my father had given me. I quickly looked into my own bag - the notes had gone! 1 was sure that the boy was a thief. He had stolen my money. I didn’t want to make a fuss, so I decided just to take my money back from the schoolboy’s bag, without saying a word about it. So I carefully put my hand into the boy’s bag, took the notes and put them in my own bag.

With the money, I bought the pretty hat of my dreams. When I got home, I showed it to my father. “How did you pay for it?” he asked. “With the money, you gave me for my birthday, of course. Dad,” I replied. “Oh? What's that then?” he asked, as he pointed to a wad of dollar notes on the table. Can you imagine how I felt then?

Scene 3 (2m 59s)

Task 1:

1. The girl was so shy that she didn't look at him in the face. She just ______ at him and looked away. 2. She complains noisily about anything she doesn’t like. She is the type of person who is always ______ 3. She was in a very ______ situation . She felt so stupid and didn’t know what to say. 4. Teenagers nowadays often have their own ______ who they really love and imitate in different ways. 5. I don't like the look of that man. There is something ______ about him.

g lanced

m aking a fuss





m aking a fuss

e mbarrassing



Scene 4 (3m 31s)

Task 2: Work in pairs. Look at the pictures below and guess what is happening in each of them.

1. Picture…..             2.  Picture…..           3 . Picture….. 4. Picture…..              5. Picture…..            6. Picture…..







Scene 5 (3m 51s)

Task 3:

What did she wish to have when she was in grade 9 ? A red floppy cotton hat . 2. Why did her father give her some money on her birthday ? So that she could buy the hat for herself/ to buy the hat for herself. 3 . What did she see in the boy’s bag ? A wad of dollar notes exactly like the ones her father had given her before. 4 . Why did she decide to take the money from the boy’s bag without saying anything about it ? She didn't like to make a fuss. 5 . What did she do with the money ? She bought her hat with it.