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10 Tips to help your battle against  depression

Here, you can find helpful tips to help you stay healthy and stronger mentally and emotionally

Remember, you are NOT alone. If needed,  call 188 to speak to a Life Valuation Center attendant.

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- Share your feelings

The sadness provided by depression leads you to social isolation . However, even if it's hard, the ideal is to try to keep contact with people, talk with them, and whenever possible, to open up with close friends revealing anxieties. This sharing may not bring the complete healing, but it will certainly contribute to making it happen.

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-Improve your eating habits

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There are several nutrients essential to the brain that can affect depression . For example, the deficiency of zinc increases depression symptoms. Improving your diet can be instrumental in reducing your symptoms.

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-Try to sleep well

It's important to be with your body and mind well rested . Only this way, you will have enough strengh to deal with worries that comes with depression.

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-Try to do physical activities

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Regular exercise helps you to release hormones such as serotonin and endorphins , which are essential in the treatment of depression, in addition to improving well-being . Group exercise, as a sport, can have even more benefits, due to the improvement of social life.

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-Fight procrastination


Procrastinating can increase guilt , worry and stress , that is, it can feed a vicious circle of bad feelings. So it is important to always try to set deadlines and manage your time well . Start by setting small goals and work your way up as you go.

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Any attitude that makes you feel useful , productive and proud of yourself , will help you to overcome depression. So, if you choose a book to read, read a few pages and feel that you have fulfilled the mission of reading the book.

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-Practice alternative activities

One of the problems with living a routine that is always the same is that you get used to the feeling of living that routine . Over time, the joy that the routine brought you will diminish, as well as the pleasure of your life. Try to differentiate and do activities that you always wanted to do, this will help you to have pleasure and be happier with your routine.

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-Respect your limits


F orgive yourself and know how to understand yourself . This is healthy and will give you more energy so you can continue your life and achieve your dreams without destroying yourself.

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-Seek professional help

Depression is a disease linked to melancholy and anguish and is therefore a psychological distress . In cases like this, it is essential that a specialized professional , such as a psychotherapist , accompany the person in depression. He will be able, through speech and other practices, to lead the individual to deal with depression, to understand it and, finally, to overcome it.

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