100341799 Application Programming Assignment1

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Scene 1 (0s)

. Rescue the Princess!. Credit: Amazon.co.uk.

Scene 2 (5s)

Game Overview. The game is a MUD mystery game where a princess was abducted after the party the king organized with the neighboring city royal family “Cyprians” in the palace . The King made an announcement that anyone who will like to join the armies to search for the princess, will be rewarded with gifts but the person who find the princess first will become the king- in-law. Who is bringing the princess back?.

Scene 3 (38s)

Chosen Agile Methodology. The model used for this project is DevOps Methodology. DevOps is used to improve work throughout the software development lifecycle. DevOps process can be visualized as an infinite loop, comprising these steps: Plan (design what need to be in the system), implement, test, release, deploy, operate, monitor and feedback. DevOps focuses on developing, constant testing, speedy delivery and stable infrastructure. DevOps goal is fast delivery of completed code to production, minimal production failures, and immediate recovery from failures..

Scene 4 (1m 16s)

Chosen Agile Methodology. I’m not using waterfall because it’s well defined, predictable and unlikely to significantly change I can’t use Rapid Application Development because it emphasizes the use of software and user feedback over strict planning and requirements recording and it also doesn’t have Moscow. Agile methodology is based on iterative, incremental development that rapidly delivers a viable business product. Agile projects do not start with complete upfront definitions; variability through development is expected. And, importantly, continuous feedback is built into the development process..

Scene 5 (2m 1s)

Stakeholders of the Game. User Game Admin Debbie Taylor Aaron Bostrom.

Scene 6 (2m 13s)

Persona. Roland Brown PERSONA Name: Roland Brown Gender: Male Occupation: Student Status: Single Location: Norwich. U K CURRENT FEELINGS Frustratad, Stressa:å, Busy PERSONALITY Introvert Analytical Active SHORT NAME ROLI CORE NEEDS An affordable game to play Get Value for what he is paying for FRUSTRATON Play Stations are too expensive for him Bored most times GOALS Get a game to buy at an affordable price A game to pass time and compete with other people A garne that requires strategic thinking ABOUT Roland is a lover of game, but don't have enough money to afford the ones he would love to have. He is an undergraduate student at University Of East Anglia: studying Computer Graphics, Imaging and Multimedia. Roland loves playing games to pass time and compete against other people because it gives him the feeling of winning against other player..

Scene 7 (3m 20s)

Empathy Map. I will never find a game within my budget Think and Feel? I feel this is my favorite hobby, so I will gladly my leisure time playing game YouTube Game Review Hear? Bad Performance Say and In-game Advertising See? Schoolmates hanging out together Prices Criticism from School mate Losing a game I need to start nxaking friends in school I need to save up to get a ganne Pain Boredom Do? Avoid people in school Not saving up Winning the game Gain Completing a task.

Scene 9 (4m 33s)

Use Case. New P r Existing player . C a cter Creation select stat Enter physiq verify stat Requisite Stat point B egi n S Game Ends Ve rify o i splay Win Game LO SC Game.

Scene 10 (5m 12s)

Textual Use Case for Character Creation.

Scene 11 (6m 28s)

Sequence Diagram for Character Creation. Player Systern Adrnin Mernory If is unique • else ö01n-t . [Else] Actor Enter U sernarne :TeII User the Usernarne Set Up the Character Choose a Physique Select Outfit Character Selection Select the Stat Check Username exists Generate Stat Point Character Created Stat point not enough Usernarne doesn't exist exist Save the Physique selected Save the Outfit selected Save the Character Verify Stat Point Stat point 0k Save Stat Point Save • •Stat p 0k and return the User back Set up character.

Scene 12 (7m 4s)

Extras Via Own Research. Apps youtube.com/watch?v=zid-MV07M-E Maps Gmail Reading list YouTube Custver General Use ase Parent Search Check Balance Transfer Funds Verify Sufficient Funds Make Payment All Unified Modeling Language Computer p Specialized Use Cas Children You can also have generalizations with Actors. UML Use Case Diagram Tutorial views Feb 7, 2018 41K 437 SHARE Bank 3+ SAVE ML TUTORIAL UML Class Diagram Tutorial Class Diagrams Lucidchart e 2.6M views • 4years ago 10:17 L TUTORIAL Mix- Lucidchart Use Case Diagram The Use Case Technique - An Overview w/ Karl Wiegers ModernAnalyst.com 38K views • 6 years ago 1:01 Java Tutorial - Make Login and Register Form Stepm 1 BestCsharp blog 14M views Wi ndows.

Scene 13 (7m 14s)

Extras Via Own Research. -Y C youtube.com/watch?v=pCK6prSq8aw Maps • Apps Gmail Update o Reading list YouTube sequence diagram aaa All Hi, my name is Angie and I'll be teaching you about UML sequence diagrams 0 0:00/ 8:37 How to Make a UML Sequence Diagram 57,494 views • Aug 27, 2018 20K 194 SHARE 3+ SAVE From your search Unified Mdeling Lam UMLTUTORIAL UML Class Diagram Tutorial Class Diagrams Lucidchart e 2.6M views • 4 years ago 10:17 ORIA UML Use Case Diagram Tutorial . Use Case Diagra Lucidchart e 2.2M views • 3 years ago 13:24 Mix - Lucidchart UML YouTube SEQUENCE D GRAMS Tiwa Savage - Somebdy's Son ft. Brandy Tiwa Savage 7.4M views AtffhéRNindows.

Scene 14 (7m 17s)

Reference. http://www.classicgaming.cc/pc/dragon-wars/character https://medium.com/@williamson.f93/multi-user-dungeons-muds-what-are-they-and-how-to-play-af3ec0f29f4a Lucid.app App.smaply.com online.visual-paradigm.com.